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Mango and Lime Crop Update and Forecast - Week 14

Lime Update

Lime volumes out of Mexico climbed 13.2 percent the last 7 days reported. Combined with 31 offshore loads last week, the volume reached 623 loads while the number of stores on ad has fallen at the same time due to the high prices reached recently. The market has cracked and price has fallen significantly the past week. Volumes are expected to continue heavy for the foreseeable future. Sizing is running small with maximum availability in the 230/250 size. Quality is good and we are looking for lime ads for mid to late April.

The number of stores on ad on limes fell from 892 last week to 663 stores for the week ending 4/6 at an average retail price of $0.30 per unit. There were also 54 stores on ad at an average of $1.39 per pound. There were 7 stores on organic lime ads at an average of $0.79 per unit.

Mango Crop Update

We are in week 14 now. It is “GO TIME!” for mango ads on sizes 10s/12s/14s especially. Guatemala is in its peak packing weeks now as are the states of Chiapas, Oaxaca, and Guerrero in Mexico. Michoacan is about another week away from entering the peak as well. By our calculations in the Arrival Chart Below, we should have around 2.6 to 2.7 millions boxes of ‘round only’ mangos entering the country weekly the next 3 weeks along with 800k Honey mangos. Round mango sizing is concentrated on size 12s followed by 10s. The hottest deals will be on Tommy 12s. Retailers will easily be able to reach a 2-for-$1 price point. Size 10s will be abundant as well and size 14s are kind of “name your own price” these days. We don’t bother to pack them without some customer commitment at a price that is not a loss. Size 9s and larger will be available as well but the market is still fairly strong due to all the contracts and commitments on those sizes. Aggressive ad pricing well below today’s spot market is available for volume ad commitments in the next few weeks.

Our Guatemala Tommy mangos are gorgeous! See the pictures at the bottom of the Altobaso label. There is no comparison of quality of the Zacapa region to the southern region of Guatemala. The Zacapa fruit is clean, colorful, and shiny. We have volume arrivals now for loading in Vineland New Jersey or Miami Florida. We are in the ad quoting cycle for Cinco de Mayo now. Don’t forget about the Guatemala fruit and commit early so we can direct the fruit to the right port of loading. Retailers could consider volume discounts to consumers by offering a ‘buy the whole box’ option in a small count like 12s.

There is a limited amount of Haden around for those looking for a non-Tommy option, but they are trading at a premium for size 10s and larger because sizing is so small. Honey Mangos (Ataulfos) are in great supply and well-priced for promotions. It is the generally the best eating mango available at this time of year. Quality is the key so you will see a wide range of pricing in the market depending on the care taken in the picking, packing and handling of the fruit. See pics of our Kuali and Bella labels below.

Stores on ad on conventional mangos increased from 4,941 stores to 5,559 stores on ad for the week ending 4/6. Weighted average retail price is $1.01 per piece. This average retail price is a mix of Round and Honey Mangoes which tend to have smaller sizing. The USDA unfortunately does not separate round and yellow mangoes in the retail ad data. See the USDA Data on Retail Mango Ads chart below for detailed data by geographic region of the country. Stores on ad on organic mangoes decreased from 281 stores to 207 stores at an average price of $1.70 per piece.

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