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Mango and Lime Crop Update and Forecast - Week 41

Lime Update

The 21 day Mexican Lime Crossings Chart below shows supply volume going from 480 loads up to 627 loads and further up to 637 loads the last 7 days. We believe there is a drop in production to come but the discussion, or difference of opinion, between sources is when this shortage will begin. Some say week 43 and others say as late as week 46. What they agree on is that the crop we are currently picking has much less fruit behind it as a result of the drought in the summer causing the flowering and fruit set to be very poor. Sizing is still peaking on 200/230. Quality has improved further which was needed. When the shortage hits it will be much easier to find small limes than large limes, which is nothing new, but it should be very pronounced and drive a massive price difference between 230s and smaller and 200s and larger.

The number of stores on ad on limes rose from 333 last week to 454 stores for the week ending 10/10 at an average retail price of $0.25 per unit. There were also 97 stores on ad by the pound at an average price of $0.72 per pound. There were 109 stores on an organic lime ads at an avg. retail of 0.69 each according to the USDA specialty crop market news survey of more than 400 retailers.

Mango Crop Update

We are in week 41. We are in the peak arrival weeks of the Brazilian mango season now and the next 3 weeks. Our heaviest availability will be on size 7s and 8s. 8s is the peak size overall. Sizes 9s and 10s have strong, steady demand, but sizes 7s and 8s are still being held back by the lingering Mexican fruit supplying many fresh cut processors. See the Brazil Mango Size Breakdown Chart below. Size 12s and 14s are generally undersupplied. Quality ranges from borderline to truly exceptional on the appearance of the fruit. We have plenty of fruit for promotion immediately on 6s, 7s, and 8s. Call us if you are looking to move mangos!

The first Brazilian Keitts have arrived. See the picture of a 6 count Keitt below. Keitts are the best way to go for eating quality right now even though they don’t always have the fantastic appearance of the Tommy. Availability is very limited, but call if interested. Also please see our “Bella” label Tommy Atkins in the picture below. It is a fantastic looking box and pallet in my heavily biased opinion.

Ecuador’s first organic Tommy should arrive week 44. We will update if they get packed and out next week to stay on track. Ataulfos are on the water now. See the initial size breakdown below. We are hopeful the sizing will stay this way as it is bigger in general than recent years.

Stores on ad on conventional mangos dropped from 3,464 stores to 1,359 stores on ad for the week ending 10/10. Weighted average retail price was $1.32 per piece. Stores on organic mango ads rose from 32 last week to 85 stores this week with an average retail price of $1.59 each. See the USDA Data on Retail Mango Ads chart below for detailed data by geographic region of the country.

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