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About Us

Amazon Produce Network is an importer and distributor of mangoes and other produce with a mission to be the most efficient distribution channel in the United States for our customers and growers.

To us, “being the most efficient distribution channel” means providing the customer with the product, price, service, logistics and information he or she needs to be successful in the dynamic and complex world of produce while also providing the best possible returns to the growers who entrust us to market their crops.

Success is not achieved simply by selling the fruit at the highest price available in the market on any given day. Our success is achieved by obtaining the best average return for the growers’ crops over time through excellent stewardship of the product and service to our customers. In order to do this we strive daily to be the best at the following aspects of our business:


  • Quality control with grower feedback

  • Avoidance of rejections

  • Inventory management/lot rotation

  • Matching of available product to customer requirements

  • Minimizing logistics and warehouse costs

  • Running the most competent and efficient repack operation in the industry

  • Ability to move advanced maturity and cosmetically defective product to appropiate retailers

  • Strategic partnership with loyal customers

  • Sharing crop information with customers

  • Advanced promotion with retailers during peak availability

  • Seasonal contract pricing on a portion of our volume

  • Value-add programs such as special packs and pre-conditioning

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