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In the process of bringing excellence, Amazon has three key elements that ensure only best-quality fruit will reach our customers: Grower Selection, QC Team and our Sales Team. 

Grower Selection

Amazon Produce only works with growers/packers committed to providing superior quality produce.


Quality Control Team

Our trained QC inspectors go through every pallet that passes through our cold-storage facilities. Three benefits are derived from this service:  

Quality Assurance: The QC Team weeds out quality issues before they reach the customer.


Product Condition: The QC Team keeps the Sales Team constantly informed as to the product’s condition in order to provide the best-possible service to our customers.


Cause-Effect Analysis: we maintain databases to assist growers/packers in determining relationships between field and packing house procedures vs. the condition of the produce upon arrival.

Sales Team

Because our Sales Team works on-site at the cold-storage facility, they can personally evaluate each lot, if needed, and provide accurate hands-on description to our customers.

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