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Rich and Fruity, Mildly Sweet

Large Oval 24 - 40 oz

Skin Color
Green with Slight Pink Blush, or Yellow with Dark Pink/Red Blush

Flesh Color
Lemon Yellow

Fiber - Free, Firm and Juicy

The Keitt Mango, from Mexico, like the Kent is a large, oval-shaped mango, but can weigh 24-40 ounces. It is available from Nicaragua from March to April, Peru from February to March, Mexico from June to September in large volumes, and Puerto Rico from February to November. It often retains a green skin color with a slight pink blush when fully ripe, but depending on growing conditions/origins it can develop a light yellow hue with a strong pink/red blush. The fiber-free, lemon yellow firm and juicy flesh has a rich and fruity flavor that is mildly sweet.

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